I asked my dentist to explain the process of veneering my front teeth. After describing what I was looking for he referred me to Dr. Boling. His confidence gained from years of experience was evident."

Tamara Cummings, Newport Beach, CA.


Full-Mouth porcelain fused to gold crowns and anterior Porcelain Veneers
Laguna Beach Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Gary W. Boling

Laguna Beach Cosmetic Dentist

Our office is committed to exceed your expectations with not only the dentistry we provide, but also with the empathy and compassion that everyone deserves. Quality dentistry is a combination of a skilled and experienced dental team, combined with the best products and services available. We will never compromise a procedure by using products or laboratories that are not recognized as the best. We believe that when you give your trust to someone, you should receive without compromise. It is this philosophy and integrity that transcends every staff member in our office.

The Art of Aesthetic Dentistry takes years to master. Most general dentists claim to be cosmetic dentists. The difference is, general dentists are trained to repair things, cosmetic dentists are trained to create things. Cosmetic dentists understand the various porcelains, opaquers, tints and complex bonding agents that are necessary to create natural looking multi-colored translucent teeth. Creating the contours and shapes of teeth is the artistic aspect of dentistry that comes from years of experience and training. All dentists are not created equal and we hope that this website will provide information to help you select the dental team that best fits your needs.

Average Veneers: Monochromatic
Dark Triangles Between Teeth
Artistic Veneers: Multi-Color
Follows Smile Line

For 30 years Dr. Boling has been creating beautiful smiles and in doing so, changing lives. It is this creative aspect of dentistry that remains exciting and rewarding.

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